Equipment & Supplies



The Need

Resolute once did a cadaver lab training without sutures, because none were accessible. In a dynamic common to many hospitals in developing countries, Ethiopian hospitals have become been given many donations of medical equipment and supplies sent by wealthier nations and hospitals. Many of these donations are made with the best intentions. Still, much of the equipment sent is outdated, broken or cannot be used.

When Resolute Health first arrived at in Ethiopian hospitals, the volunteers found numerous rooms overflowing with broken donated equipment and obsolete supplies. There were shortages of everything from operating room tables to patient monitors. Of particular concern to Resolute Health: there were only two dated and barely functioning ventilators in the hospital, and virtually all of the existing anesthesia equipment was in major disrepair.




Resolute Health greatly appreciates donations of equipment and medications to help the communities wherein we work. Wherever possible, we seek donations from within the countries themselves. This helps foster economic development and build medical sustainability in our partner communities.

We also gladly accept donations from around the globe.


Individual Gifts of Supplies, Equipment, and Medication

Individuals frequently offer to donate equipment, supplies, and medications to us, which are greatly appreciated. Please contact us ahead of any donation you plan on making.

There is a chance Resolute Health cannot accept a donation. In this case, we will provide you with a list of other organizations that may benefit from them.

Before making a donation, please consider these general guidelines:

  • We typically cannot uninstall equipment.

  • We cannot accept any medications or sterile supplies that have been opened.

  • Any item donated must have an expiration date that is [six months] into the future or more.

  • Any donated equipment should be in good working condition, and all of its accessories and extra parts must be operational as well.

  • If possible, please provide any documents that came with equipment, such as certifications or owner’s manuals.

  • Typically we cannot pay for the shipping costs of donated items.

Does your donation fit these guidelines? If so, please feel free to reach out to Thank you for your generous donation!


Corporate Gifts In Kind

Resolute Health works with generous corporate partners to help meet the medical equipment needs of the communities we work with.

If you are a representative from a pharmaceutical, medical supply, or medical equipment company, and would like to discuss partnership opportunities through in-kind donations, please email


Medical Supply Recovery Organizations (MSROs)

Medical Supply Recovery Organizations provide new and refurbished equipment and supplies at a low cost to organizations who need them. Resolute Health works closely with such providers. If you are from an MSRO and would like to explore a potential partnership, please email



Organize a Drive

Our partner hospitals and health workers need crucial medical supplies. With an equipment and supply drive, you can make an immediate impact.

  1. Review the list of most needed medical supplies, and the condition required.

  2. Contact us about your drive so we can help with logistics and validate it.

  3. Organize the drive.

    1. Reach out to hospitals, manufacturers, or pharmaceutical companies that you are familiar or have connections with.

    2. Write a support letter to suppliers. Again, this is one of the most effective ways for asking for donations. Sending a formal letter to companies not only legitimizes you and your mission but gives companies the opportunity to learn more about the organization and the mission.  

    3. Set up a donation list where people take chosen items from the list and donate money or a specific item for your supply drive.

    4. Create a poster. Try to make one that is printable but also can be shared on social media. Include the list of items you hope to acquire. Post it at hospitals, workplaces, and email and share it to your contacts.