Our Model



Partnering with public teaching hospitals, we work from the bottom up to build for long-term stability in our partner communities.

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Our Strategy

Our work has five pillars:


Knowledge Transfer:

We employ a Teach-the-Teacher model.

The community decides which training physicians and nurses will get across surgical sub-specialties at public teaching hospitals in Ethiopia.


Skill Transfer:

We give hands-on training and provide equipment to Ethiopian physicians to pass on to their students, and perform procedures year-round, long after we leave.

While our missions provide acute, life-saving medical care to patients in need, our primary goal is to train the next generation of world-class physicians in Ethiopia.



With access to digital medical journals, our Ethiopian partners are exceptionally up-to-date on the most recent medical literature.

We supplement and reinforce this learning with classroom-based education across each of our programs.


Outcomes Research:

We help physicians design studies and collect data to understand and inform their work.

We work in a low connectivity setting, where baseline data around many of our projects is unavailable. We mitigate this uncertainty and complexity by building the evidence base for each of our interventions. Not only does this help us improve our work, it builds the in-country capacity to conduct research, and helps organizations and people working in similar settings around the region to inform and improve their work.


Capacity Building:

We take the long view in working with communities to build sustainable, in-country solutions that impact our broader patient population.

We grapple with deeply complex issues — it is not enough to train, equip, and inform our interventions. We source leading experts across disciplines to help hospitals strengthen their departments, and workflows to provide the best possible care to their patients.