Outcomes Research



An important new component of our outreach work is improving data literacy.

Our partner hospitals and clinics work extremely hard and still are often strapped for time and resources. They typically cannot dedicate the time needed to perform comparative analysis and properly assess outcomes after the fact.

So, we aim to build an outcomes research into all of our work. We are building an evidence base to glean insight into what care options might be most or least effective for our patient populations. We want to build the capacity for epidemiology on a project-to-project basis.


  • We recently published a retrospective cross-sectional study on AV fistula maturation. As far as we know, this is the first study of its kind in Ethiopia, and possibly in the greater region.

  • Ideally, with this groundbreaking study, we hope it creates a blueprint so others in similar settings can inform the way they give care.

Current priorities

  • Install the infrastructure necessary to collect data

  • Train partner hospitals on how to collect data and data analysis