Resolute Health deeply appreciates the hard work of its volunteers to provide not only life-saving care, but to raise funds independently to finance their health missions abroad.

As such, it is devoted to provide tools and resources needed to facilitate your fundraising.

Here are some tips:

  1. Set goals. Start by setting goals weekly, which will help you focus and stay on track. This will help you remember why this medical mission is important to you and what impact you hope to create.

  2. Create a list of supports. Come up with a list of people you think might want contribute to your efforts. This could be family and friends, people you work with, hospitals, clubs, neighbors, associations, schools, boards, churches, houses of worship, and/or businesses you support (local grocery stores, dentists, doctors, hairdressers).

  3. Write a support letter. The support letters is one of the most effective and personal ways of raising funds for your short-term mission trip. In our electronic age, a personalized, handwritten letter is a welcome surprise for many. Click [here] for a sample support letter.  



Start a crowdfunding campaign

Identify a crowdfunding website and create a page to receive donations. Here are few examples of some of the most popular fundraising websites to give you an idea:

  • GoFundMe: Popular fundraising websites for personal fundraising causes and #1 crowdfunding platform to start a medical fundraiser.

  • Fundly: Designed specifically for individuals and nonprofits. Fundly’s simple crowdfunding model allows campaign creators to instantly build a custom donation page and accept donations directly from supporters.

  • YouCaring: YouCaring offers crowdfunding for personal and charitable causes and charges no fee to fundraising organizations.

  • Indiegogo: Indiegogo allows you to raise funds for just about any project, including donations for charity.

Share it on social media: Once you’ve opened up your crowdfunding page, spread the news! Consider using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to help get the word out about the need for mission funds. Any crowdfunding website you choose to use for your fundraising campaign can be connected to any of these platforms. Also, if you decide to create a flyer to help you fundraise, you could share it on these social media platforms.



Host a yard sale

Yard sales are another great ways of raising funds with 100% profit.

  1. Reach out: An efficient yard sale is one that includes more people rather than just you. This includes your church, family, friends, neighbors. Ask everyone to donate their unused items to your yard/garage sales for your trip.

  2. Stand out: Try to make sure your sale takes place in a public location, like your church, or a shopping center parking lot. This will attract more customers. If planned well you could make as much as $1,000 – $5,000.