Our Team


Board Members

We are a team of health professionals, business leaders, engineers, advocates, and experts from countless specialties. We pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate, working to transform bold ideas into sustainable solutions that improve health and well-being for all in the long run.


Richard Solazzi, MD

Board Chair

Anesthesiologist (retired), Swedish Medical Center

Alexis Falicov, MD, PhD

Chief of Orthopedics, Swedish Hospital

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Proliance Surgeons

Kaj Johansen, MD, PhD

Chief of Vascular Surgery, Swedish Medical Center

Jennifer Johnson, RN, BSN

 Preoperative Registered Nurse

Raeann Kreps, AT

Anaesthesia Tech, Swedish Hospital

Rose Twagirumukiza

Executive Director

Monja Proctor, MD

Pediatric Surgeon, Providence Alaska Surgical Center

Sandra Skovlund, MD

Adjunct Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, University of Minnesota Medical School

Nuru Tuku, CPA

Senior Civil Engineer, Seattle Department of Transportation

Dale Watkins, PE

Senior Civil Engineer (retired)

Saleih Yassin


Senior Accountant, Costco



2019 Volunteers

We have a dedicated, compassionate group that includes medical professionals, medical students, nurses, and engineers. They work in some of the top hospital and university programs in the world. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.


Julianne Urrea, Intern

Originally from a small town across Lake Michigan, called Saint Joe, Julianne is a rising senior at DePaul University, majoring in health science with a concentration in public health, with a minor in sociology and chemistry. Julianne is interning for the summer with Resolute Health Outreach. Her passion for science, health, and all things human, is what inspired her to work for a non-profit with such an ambiguous goal of helping others.



Jennifer Johnson, RN, BSN

Jen received her BSN degree from Arizona State University and is currently in ASU's Master of Healthcare Innovation program. She has worked in surgery as both a Surgical Technologist and as an RN. She has been with RHO for 7 years, where her primary focus is nursing education. She is based out of Minneapolis, MN.



Richard Solazzi, MD

Richard is a magna cum laude graduate from Macalester College. He received his MD from the University of Washington Medical School. He has spent 30 years in private practice in Seattle, WA. He has also been actively involved in international healthcare for 20 years. He is the founder and president of Resolute Health Outreach.



Nuria Adem, MT

Nuria was born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. She came to the US in 1981 and graduated from the University of Washington. She has 22 years of medical technology experience and has been volunteering with RHO for 8 years. She also has been actively involved in the Ethiopian diaspora committee and Ethiopia Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) projects.



Kaj Johansen, MD

Kaj is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He has been a vascular surgeon, teacher, and mentor for over forty years. His work with RHO includes specialized vascular surgeries, such as vascular access, arterial trauma, limb salvage, and the diabetic foot.



Alexis Falicov, MD

Alexis specializes in spine surgery and general orthopedics. He practiced his clinical fellowship in spine surgery at Vancouver General Hospital and was a resident in

orthopedic surgery at the University of Washington. He has received many awards and has been actively involved with RHO for over 9 years, performing more than 200 hip replacements.



Stephanie Belsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Love of Good, Inc.

Stephanie has made an art of identifying and activating fanbases to exceed fundraising goals. Love of Good helps for profit companies engage their consumers in prosocial giving. This approach helps triple the donations for non-profit recipients. She is also a YouTube expert and social media strategist.