Who We Are


Our Story

In 2008, a group of doctors and nurses from Seattle’s Swedish Hospital began traveling on medical aid missions across Latin America. Their groundwork became the foundation of Resolute Health.

However, a pattern soon emerged that frustrated them: The short-term humanitarian service model left no sustainable benefits for the communities they were helping.

To address this need, Resolute Health’s founders came to understand that each change takes time and long-standing partnerships. We committed to working in one place. We provide training, equipment, ongoing support, and established partnerships with local hospitals.

After expanding its agenda, Resolute Health was able to gain the experience and the insight needed to implement a successful knowledge, skills, and equipment transfer model.

In 2009, Resolute Health broke away form the model of many medical aid initiatives by directly reaching out to hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to explore collaborative aid efforts. Today, we work closely with hospital administrators and medical staff to jointly identify areas of great need. Using this collaborative model as a blueprint, Resolute Health hopes to build lasting sustainable healthcare in communities throughout the world.



Our Mission

Our mission is to build the capacity of Ethiopian healthcare workers through training, equipment, and outcomes research.



Our Values

Even as challenges mount, we are resolute — in our hope, in our mission, and in our care for the communities and individuals we partner with. From the beginning, two core values have guided our work:


Community Driven

From the ground up, each of our interventions is initiated by an expressed need from within the Ethiopian medical community. We work as peers at the physician, administrative, and systems level. Whether that means skills-based training to master a technique, providing the equipment needed to perform a procedure, or designing a study to understand your outcomes—our role is first to listen, and then work together to design practical solutions.


Sustainability Focused

Our partner physicians in Ethiopia accomplish incredible feats amid intense resource scarcity and complexity. In order to be useful, we rigorously assess the sustainability of each of our interventions. Our goal is equip our partners with the skills and equipment they need to keep providing care long after we depart.




Our Vision

We are resolute in our belief that every person deserves access to well trained and resourced health care professionals, no matter their circumstance. Our ground-up vision for sustainable health systems: to invest over the long-haul in a single country, foster deep roots with a local community, and focus intently on building the skills and equipment capacity of local health care workers.



Our Team

We are a team of health professionals, business leaders, engineers, advocates, and experts from countless specialties. We pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate, working to transform bold ideas into sustainable solutions that improve health and well-being for all in the long run.